Below is a list of utilities that can be downloaded for free and utilized for personal purposes. These tools can help you calculate how much to bet for each event in order to determinate a sure bet that provides you a mathematical advantage, as well as other helpful utilities.

  • 3 events: a simple calculator sheet where you can divide the wagers among three events (for example: 1, X, 2) so that your net profit will be the same regardless of the outcome of the event. You can also ascribe different values to each event according to your prognostication ability and obtain the highest profit in case of positive outcome of the event to which you ascribed major value, in one case, and a lower profit in all other cases.
  • 2 events: A calculator sheet to divide wagers in a homogeneous or differentiated way between 2 opposing events (for example: 1/2, under/over, Goal/no goal, etc.).
  • Back and Lay Calculator The “back and lay” calculator calculates the exact amount to bank “lay” for a date selection. The red numbers are the values to post, that is the % of personal commission on the exchange site, the point sum (back) as well as the quotas for the bet and the lay.
  • Multi-event Calculator: This calculation sheet exactly divides the sums to bet on among all of the possible results of a sporting event and offers many application possibilities
  • Under/Over calculators, and that with the Asian handicap are two indispensable instruments for trading with the bets and obtaining significant yields in percentage terms.