With the proliferation of bookmakers worldwide, it is increasingly possible to get into sure-betting, that is the ability to cover all possible outcomes of a meet and to obtain a mathematically guaranteed win.

How so? By simply taking advantage of the different odds that various bookmakers give for the meet. An example:

Suppose you want to bet on the final results of the Lazio–Roma football match, where the possible outcomes are obviously:

1) win to Lazio 2) draw 3) win to Roma

and the odds offered by some bookmakers for each outcome:

Outcome Snai Bwin Bet365 Goldbet
Lazio 2,6 2,8 2,7 2,5
Draw 3,1 3 2,9 3,3
Roma 3,3 3,2 3,4 3,2

You will notice that there are different offers from various bookmakers for every single outcome, because some prefer the home-team, others a draw and others the visiting team. Besides, the odds offered by bookmakers could vary based on the bets that they themselves have collected for a determined outcome.

It is this difference in odds given that can be used to obtain a mathematically guaranteed win, a sure bet. The only thing is to appropriately vary the bet on every single outcome using the inverse of the odds. In the "Utility” section you will be able to download a simple Excel sheet where you simply have to insert the odds and the total amount of your wager, and you will automatically receive the amount for each single outcome.

Using the example above, we might indicate 1 on bwin with an amount of €34.73, a draw on Goldbet with an amount of €31.75 and a 2 on Bet655 with an amount of €30.82. We would then have wagered a total amount of €100.00 but we can ascertain that a win is certain and whatever the outcome of the match, we would have a net win of €4.79, a mathematical win if you like, a sure bet. In fact:

Final outcome: 1: 37.43*(2.8-1)- 31.75 – 30.82 = 4.8 (net win)

Final outcome x: 31.75*(3.3-1) – 37.43 – 30.82 = 4.775 (net win)

Final outcome 2: 30.82*(3.4-1) – 37.43 – 31.75 = 4.79 (net win)

Basically, we invested €100.00 and at the end we finished with about €104.79, a return of about 4.79%. Obviously, the percentage returns will be as big as the spread among the various odds offered, and the absolute value of returns will correspond with the amount of capital invested.

Would you consider a return of 4.79% low? This is not really the case, as this percentage is applied for whatever outcome. Varying the bets for every event based on our powers of prediction, we could assign more weight to a given event and manage it in such a way that our net win would be maximized for an outcome we choose or minimized for an alternative outcome. You will find how to assign different weightings in the calculation sheets in the Utility section.

The one thing to do is therefore to find those events that when combined, would give a mathematical advantage and to the vary bets appropriately. Besides this, you need to have money with the various bookmakers with whom you are playing, because let’s not forget that in only one of these will our account increase, while in the other 2 our account will decrease.

It is therefore necessary to transfer funds quickly from one account to another. In the bookmakers and electronic funds sections, we will provide indications and explanations on overcoming this inconvenience, transferring funds in real time between accounts and how to withdraw and deposit.