In this section we shall explain a few simple rules and strategies for casino gambling. Most of all, we should consider gambling pure fun besides the desire of challenging your skills and winning money.

You must be acquainted with the basic strategies for the main games, such as Roulette, Black Jack, Pai gow poker, Three-card poker, Caribbean poker, Baccarat and other common casino games. It is essential to know the basic strategies of each game to be able to calculate the real edge of the bank over the player in terms of percentage, besides setting the appropriate progression.

These simple rules are to be combined with the bonuses offered by the casinos. For example: after signing up at a casino that awards you a 100% bonus on your first deposit, we start playing the roulette by putting down the same wager each time, with a unit on simple chances (banker’s edge over the player is 1.35%). After 1000 shots, we will have lost approximately 13.5 Euro, but thanks to the sign-up bonus, even if we are loosing, we are actually winning. Since we have fulfilled the roll-over requirements, we can go and collect our winnings and sign up at another casino, where we will be awarded another bonus.

Winning at the casino is possible as long as you use your brains, get acquainted with game strategies, set an appropriate progression and make good use of the bonuses.

You can search for the best bonuses either in the bookmaker’s section (many bookmakers also host a casino in their portal) or the casino bonus section for a list of the best-specialized casino websites.