The game of Soko is different from other on-line poker games with respect to the score; in fact, 4/5 flush and 4/5 of bilateral straight beat a pair

Cards are dealt clockwise starting from the first player seated to the left of the dealer. Each player must put down a pre-determined amount called "ante" before the cards are dealt.

Each player is then dealt 2 cards, one face down, called “hole card” and one face up. Then players are dealt other three cards, face up. The player with the lowest up cards must make another pre-determined bet called a "bring in", usually equal to twice the ante or higher if the table limits allows so. If two or more players show the same low card, the cards are ranked by order of suit.

Soko has 4 rounds of betting. The first starts after the initial 2 cards are dealt and the subsequent rounds start after the third, fourth and fifth cards are dealt, respectively.

Showdown occurs at the end of all rounds. The player with the highest ranking hand (see chart below) takes the pot. Should there be a tie; the pot is split among the players.


Soko ranking chart

Royal Flush

2 Straight Flush
3 Four of kind
4 Full House
5 Flush
6 Straight
7 Three of a kind
8 Two pairs
9 4- Flush (4/5)
10 4- Straight (4/5 of bilateral straight)
11 One pair
12 High cards