Multiple bet bonuses

Multiple bet bonuses are generally offered by many bookmakers when at least 4-5 events are placed in a multiple bet, also called martingale in betting slang.

Bonus characteristics vary from book to book but generally have a common characteristic: starting with a certain number of events inserted on the card at a determined minimum quota, gives the right to a 5% bonus on the potential win if there are 5 events inserted, to then lead to a higher bonus, for example 10% should there be 6 events inserted in the card, and so on.

We will examine in detail a few examples of bookmakers who offer bonuses on multiple bets.

The bonus details in this article may have varied in the meantime. Always refer to that which is indicated by your bookmaker.


Bet365Bet365: Bet365 offers its clients a bonus on multiple bets consisting of an increase on the predicted win. The bonus, which is on the cards containing at least 3 events, is based on the parameters established in the following table.
It is a very good promotion. Starting at the 3th event.


Number of events 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Winning increasis
5,00% 10,00% 10,00% 20,00% 30,00% 40,00% 50,00% 60,00% 70,00% 80,00% 90,00% 100,00%