Multiple bets

Multiple bets are those bets connected to each other in that to be able win the bet you must predict all the events on the card. The total quota stems from the product of all the quotas and the potential win comes from the product of this quota for the amount played.

Guessing a multiple bet is the dream of many bettors because with just a few Euro you can win huge sums of money, but it must be said that every event added to the selection lowers your chances of winning; miss a single section and our card loses.

Bookmakers are more than happy to have multiple bettors as their clients in that in order to place a multiple bet they have to choose the quotas of their schedule where – in the face of high quotas for a certain event – there will be others at a quota lower than the market.

In this section of the site there will be a series of articles which we will consider the multiple bets in order to draw a sure mathematical profit.

This is a technique that considers that bookmaker’s highest quotas on various events which we will from time to time bank on an exchange site, or otherwise cover ourselves on other bookmakers playing the opposite events. It is therefore advisable that you understand the back and lay mechanism well, or at least the sure bet method on 2 or 3 events.

This technique also uses the bonuses offered by the bookmakers who tend to give a bonus in percentage terms when our card is made up of multiple events…bonuses which we will discuss in the appropriate section.


Multiple betting technique

The multiple betting technique that we will describe will take less time than classic surebets in terms of hours dedicated, i.e. those made on single bets, but will require a greater commitment attention-wise, since what we do will be conditioned by the outcome of previous events.

The return percentage in terms of profit, will, however, be considerably higher.

How it works, and choosing events

  1. The events to be chosen will be events that will be played at a later time, for example one day apart, or at least 3-4 hours in that what we do will be conditioned by the result of previous bets.
  2. The first selection on our card must be already a surebets, i.e. a quota that may be banked already at a lesser value at an exchange site, or closed with the 2 or 3 events method with a profit.
  3. Subsequent selections must be chosen in the same bookmaker, to appear possible already surebets, i.e., able to be banked at a lower amount or anyway high quotas compared to the market at the moment in which we are selecting the events to be inserted in our multiple bet.
  4. Choosing at least 4-5 events is recommended, in order to be able to use the bonus that generally is recognised on multiple bets beginning with 4 events by many bookmakers. (We will examine this aspect in the article dedicated to multiple bet bonuses.)

The calculator will take into consideration a series of elements in order to determine the amount to bank as the events on the card are won. This too will be examined in the article dedicated to the multiple bet calculator.

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