Multi-event calculator

The multi-event calculator is certainly a very useful tool for anyone want to trade with sports betting.

This calculation sheet exactly divides the sums to bet on among all of the possible results of a sporting event and offers many application possibilities as in these examples:

Winner of a championship, a conference, a division or a round in general.

It can be useful in all of these markets where there is only a restricted number of contenders for the final victory, for example the winner of a championship where only a certain number of teams remain because the others are mathematically excluded from this possibility.
Another example could be the round phase for the championship qualification, or in the case of American sports (baseball, basket, American football, hockey, etc) the winner of a division, of a conference or a group.

Actually, in all of these cases, the spread between back and lay may be very wide, and therefore non-applicable, while taking advantage of the highest quotas that various bookmakers offer for the various teams, sure bets with very high quotas can easily be found.

Result combinations

Any event may be determined using a series of inter-dependent results.  For example, the quota for the Under 2.5 may also be established with the combination of the following exact results (0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2).
In the case we are looking at, “Global odd” will represent the quota on which we have bet the “Total amount”.
The construction of the Under 2.5 is only an example, but many other results may be established in this manner.


Inserting all the possible results of a game (combined or not) we are able to render our calculator exhaustive in a way to have a sure win which covers all possible events. For example, let’s insert the quota for the Over 1.5 an all the combinations of the exact result in order to establish the Under 1.5.  
The profit % column will therefore represent our yield percentage.  If instead, we should want to take some risk, we could eliminate some outcomes, in order to then cover ourselves with live bets.

How to use it

Using the calculator is intuitive.  The data to be inserted is that of the grey cells.  The first column must be used to insert our note, then we have the quota column and further we can indicate if that we are betting on that outcome with a bookmaker or on a betting exchange site.  If the latter is the case, we must not forget to insert the commission percentage.