How to place a bet

surebetsOnce we have decided which sporting event would be a "sure bet”, and after having decided how much to invest in total and how much to assign to the various outcomes, all we need to do next it place the bets.

This might seem a very simple phase, but a few reminders would no doubt be of use:


  1. First of all, check the regilations of the various sports on different bookmakers’ website
  2. Verify the betting limits. It is possible that some bookmakers limit bets to a net win of €100.00, for example, or they may place a maximum amount that you can bet
  3. Start by placing bets on the lowest odds given, i.e. the most probable... you never know, maybe a power cut at the very moment we place our bets on other odds given might set us back quite a bit :-)
  4. If you must make larger bets, it is advisable to do so a few at a time... for example, if you have to bet on 3 events with €800, €500 and €400, start for example with €400, €250, €200 and then again with €400, €250 and €200.
  5. If, despite these various reminders, something untoward happens (variations in the odds given, exceeding of the maximum betting limit, etc.) it would be wise to cover ourselves perhaps by searching for other bookmakers to limit our losses.