Craps game strategies

Despite its simplicity, the game of craps attracts many online casino players. The gambler does not always resort to one or more strategies. As opposed to other games, the rolling of dice may give scores with slightly different outcome probabilities.
For example, a score of 2 can only be obtained with 1+1. A score of 3, instead, can be obtained with two different combinations, that is: 1+2 or 2+1. With a higher amount comes a higher probability for that number to be rolled, thanks to the wide range of possible combinations. Here below is a chart that displays the probability of each roll happening in a game of Craps:
























Online casino companies offer payoffs that are proportional to the abovementioned probabilities. They usually pay out the less probable numbers and combinations. But this consideration refers in particular to bet options per se.

The best craps game strategies mainly refer to betting modes, while wagering on numbers is secondary.

The first strategy is called Fibonacci, named after an Italian mathematician born in the 12th century. He assumed a progressive betting strategy according to the sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on. In brief, the wager to be put down each time is equal to the sum of the last and second last number. Say the first wager is one: the second will be 1+1, the third 2+3 and so on. The progression continues until winning; the player collects his payoff and starts all over again. This strategy allows the player to keep himself in the game much longer. And the longer he plays the better chance he will have of walking away the winner in the medium-long run. On the other side, losses are limited. As as you can see for yourself, this strategy is suitable for “patient players” who opt for long term profit.

The second strategy is called 1-3-2-6. The numbers represent the wager units for each round. The player starts by making the minimum bet allowed (usually 1 euro or a few Euros/ dollars). If you win, you can make a bet equal to three times the previous wager. If you win again; you subtract a part and use it to make a new bet on 2 minimum units. In case you win again, you make a bet equal to 6 times the minimum unit.

As you have certainly noticed, this strategy is based on an “optimistic” vision of the game of craps. In a more down to earth scenario, if you lose the first round, you will only lose one unit; if you win the first round and lose the second, you will only lose two units and if you win the first three rounds and lose the fourth, you end up in a tie. This strategy is not suitable for those who aim at getting rich, but you will definitely limit your losses and gain a little profit with the help of the gods of Craps.