Craps is one of the many entertainment games that originated with man. Craps is an English word for dice, a game that most of us used to play as kids. Many table games like Monopoly utilize dice to determinate a random number.
Thanks to today’s web technology, you can roll the dice on your computer screen with amazing displays that reproduce a Royal casino setting. The game has very simple rules and is 100% safe.
First of all, let's see what Craps is all about. It is played on a table layout divided into different areas where two dice are rolled. The possible numbers rolled are 2 through 12. At each round, the gambler can assume either the role of player or dice shooter.



How the game unfolds

Let’s examine the characteristics of a standard game, the most common bets and the odds of winning. Later on we shall explain the most profitable bets. Unfortunately, they have lower winning odds.

PASS LINE: This betting option can be made at the first roll in the series, the so-called "COME OUT". The bet (chips) is placed on the area of the layout marked "PASS LINE". On the Come Out roll, 7 or 11 are automatic Pass Line winners and the player wins double his bet. "CRAPS", that is, the numbers 2, 3, 12, are automatic Pass Line losers and the series ends. You can try again and the number that comes out becomes the "POINT". Now you need the help of the gods of Craps to assist you: the object of the game becomes for the shooter to roll the point number again before rolling a 7.

DON’T PASS LINE: It is the reverse version of PASS LINE with totally opposite rules. After making your bet, if a 7 and an 11 is rolled, you lose. If 2 and 3 are rolled, you win double your bet. If a 12 is rolled, you will be refunded your bet. All the other numbers represent the point which gives you the chance to win as long as 7 is rolled first. Otherwise, you lose.

Craps is an extremely challenging and exciting game as it allows for different betting options. Don't worry; craps is not as confusing as it looks: the best thing to do is to begin in free mode. You will soon realize that it is easier to do than explain!

In the following article we shall explain further betting options.