Betting techniques

The swift updating of odds by the bookmaker (in part thanks to software that make available, for each event, the bookmakers with the highest odds at that moment), as well as the increasing number of people gradually approaching the world of sure bets which view them as a form of investment, not to mention companies and groups that speculate on trading, have all contributed to a partial leveling of the percentage of return for each bet. In fact, it is getting more and more difficult to find bets with a 6-8% return, which was common a few years ago.

Therefore, we should do our best to stand out amongst the others by taking a step further and seeking to obtain a higher percentage of return by means of advanced trading techniques.
There are several examples of betting systems such as betting and betting against (back and lay) utilized at betting exchange websites, 1x2 with handicap, Asian handicap and other betting types by crossing various markets.

These methods combine bets with traditional odds with handicap, Asian handicap and betting/betting against odds; in this way, they manage to obtain higher percentages of return on each bet as opposed to those with traditional odds.

To explain this concept better, here is an example of traditional odds:

Home team: odds quoted at 1,66
Draw: odds quoted at 4,3
Visitor: odds quoted at 6,5
With these odds, we will have a 1,13% return on our bet.

If we analyze the Asian handicap market, we find the following odds:
Home team: -0,75 (sometimes written -0,5; -1 or -0,5 & -1), odds quoted at 1,92
Visitor:+1, odds quoted at 1,96

By properly adjusting our amounts, we can place our stakes as follows
100 Euro on the home team with a handicap of -0,75, odds quoted at 1,92
15,67 Euro on X (result), odds quoted at 4,3
23,68 Euro on 2 (away win), odds quoted at 6,5
46 Euro on visitor with a handicap of +1, odds quoted at 1,96
As if by magic, we will have a 3,59% return on our bet.

Another example: bet on the Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester United of English Premiership, dated 02/02/2008, with the following bookmakers’ odds:
Tottenham: odds quoted at 4,8
Draw: odds quoted at 3,86
Manchester: odds quoted at 1,92.

With these odds, we will have a 1,19% return on our bet.

We also find 2 with a handicap of +2 quoted at 1,3 (written 2H(+2) and quoted at 1,3). We will have a 2,30% return on our bet by placing our stakes at 2 bookmakers only.

A calculation sheet for these operations is already available and we are working on the automatic selection of events and odds.